Sarah McLean – Meditation Teacher, Mentor, Practitioner

Sarah McLean is one of the key speaker and authors at the special 10th anniversary Celebrate Your Life on November 8-12, 2012 in Sedona, AZ.  See Sarah’s bio below.

This year’s Celebrate Your Life is expected to be completely different from any of the previous years.  Mishka Productions plans to integrate more experiential activities, walks in nature, connecting to the Boynton Canyon Vortex, Drumming Circles, connecting to Angels, Sprites and Fairies and more. One key practice over the 5 day event will be guided meditations.

On Friday, November 9, Sarah will lead everyone at the event in meditation. Everyone will experience “getting into the gap”, hopefully feeling that deep sense of contentment and inner peace.  All in attendance can take this practice into their daily lives.  In her book, Soul-Centered, Sarah explains, “By spending time in silence and your practice every day, your awareness expands and the noise and distractions (both in and out of meditation) lessen.  The spaciousness between choices and action can become more obvious.  In that space and underlying silence, you discover your inner guidance system–what some people call intuition–is very real.”.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for all in attendance to appreciate “Kinesthetic learning“, that is “hands on” or experiential learning.  Attendees will be “do-ers”!

Don’t miss this very special Celebrate Your Life fom the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ.  More info at:

BIO: Sarah McLean, an inspiring contemporary meditation teacher, makes meditation accessible to everyone. She’s spent much of her life exploring the world’s spiritual and mystic traditions, having lived and studied in a Zen Buddhist monastery, meditated in ashrams and temples throughout India and the Far East, spent time in Afghan refugee camps, bicycled the Silk Route from Pakistan to China, trekked the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, and taught English to Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Dharamsala. Sarah is the founding director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company (, and The McLean Meditation Institute (

Enchantment Resort near Sedona, Arizona


Doing What I’m Told

Growing up I always had a hard time doing what I was told. I don’t know if it’s the Taurus in me, being the first-born child…who knows, maybe it’s the red hair. All I know is that somewhere in my constitution there was a switch that flipped to “oh hell no” when I was told that I should be doing something, just because they “said so”. Sometimes it was an intellectual reaction- the request just didn’t make sense to me. However, most often the reaction was completely from-the-gut; a visceral need to understand their motivation in order to consider/embrace it completely. Without knowing it, I was learning how to trust my intuition. Even as a child, I didn’t trust that their direction was for my highest good. Now, as an eight-year-old, I didn’t understand what was going on…and needless to say, neither did the adults dealing with me.

A few years ago I stepped onto a path of mind-body-spirit wellness that truly has been an adventure. I’ve been purposefully working on opening up my “clairs” – clairsentience (clear sensing or emotional layer sensing), clairvoyance (seeing with the Third Eye), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowingness), as well as developing relationships with my Guides, Angels, and Totem Animals. I’ve reached a point where I communicate with them throughout the day on a variety of subjects. Although I do ask them for their guidance, more often than not I find that… you guessed it… I’m being told what to do! WHAT?! What I find even more fascinating is that I’m listening! With no flipping of the switch!


I find it ironic that I spent the first half of my life resisting direct orders, and here I am elated to be receiving guidance multiple times a day. I’m quite sure They’ve had a few chuckles at this as well. I accept Their direction because when They “tell” me something, it resonates as a pure and absolute truth, completely satisfying my “gut”. This is why the “oh hell no” switch doesn’t get flipped with them. Of course old habits do die hard. I spend quite a bit of time taking the directive/guidance up into my head and finding all kinds of reasons why the information isn’t convenient, doesn’t make sense, etc.  However, I am very clear on the fact that in this case, we – family, friends, clients…strangers in the grocery store… all benefit the most when we simply do what we’re told.

Dang it.





Julie Tufte, RM/T, CCht

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