Enough Technology!

It has been proven time and time again that we humans need to touch each other.  In order to thrive, we need to hug and connect with others.Barryhug

My Mom, Ariel, worked as the Director of a Summer Camp when my sister and I were kids and every summer we would go to camp and have the experience of a lifetime.

Camp was always so wildly joyful and to this day my sister, Jaime, and I are connected to our camp friends. 

When creating Celebrate Your Life, Ariel and I made a conscious decision to immerse you in that beautiful, wildly joyful energy of being at Summer Camp.

You are free to express your authentic and truest self in whatever way resonates with you and connect with like minded spiritual playmates!

There is absolutely nothing that can replace that live experience of being in community with like minded people.   The party begins the moment you step into the door. That’s when the moment begins and your heart starts to awaken, open and expand.  We have seen this happen with our attendees year after year.

All the online courses are great, but let’s stop hiding behind our computers, cell phones and other devices and dare to put all this aside and experience human contact!  It’s essential for our well being.  It’s essential for our souls. 

Human connection is the new wave of the future. 

Come be with us at

Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and YOU decide which experience you prefer.

Reserve YOUR Seat Now!  

Click HERE!

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