Manifesting Positive Results with Affirmations

There are so many book, videos, and internet resources on manifesting your desires. Some examples include the movie/book – The Secret, Neville Goddard‘s book – The Power of Awareness, Wayne Dyer – Manifest Your Destiny, Gregg Braden – The Isaiah Effect and many, many, many others.   I have heard, read and seen various steps to follow to get results from taking any of of my ideas and turn it into a physical reality.

Recently I came across this video from Laura Silva (The Silva Method).  This video explains the process succinctly. Imagine it, Create the feeling, Be grateful before and after it arrives.  I have to practice these steps daily.  I had to practice learning to ride a bike, ice skating, speaking Spanish, playing the guitar, etc, etc.  Now to create ANYTHING I desire I practice this.  Enjoy the video and please feel free to leave comments.

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Greg Drejza is the e-Marketing and Social Media Director at Mishka Productions, Scottsdale AZ.

Mishka Productions is producer of the fabulous Celebrate Your Life Conference held annually in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ.  In November 2012 (8-12th), Celebrate your Life will hold it’s 10th Anniversary Sacred Pilgrimage in Sedona AZ at the Enchantment Resort, nestled within a powerful vortex in Boynton Canyon.  You should join us:


Those that “Do” always “Teach” – Cliche Buster

Today a I feel like busting the common cliche: “Those that can’t do, teach”.

My new saying is: “Those that “Do” always “Teach” too!”

There are many, many, masters who have come before us, or live among us that display this talent!

Beautiful, amazing souls like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Iyanla Vazant, Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer. Spiritually gifted people who walked among us teaching, sharing and giving of themselves to better our planet.

After his enlightenment, Buddha went to the Deer Park near the holy city of
Benares and shared his new understanding with five holy men. They understood
immediately and became his disciples. This marked the beginning of the Buddhist
community. – from

Jesus taught his disciples in the “Sermon on the Mount“, one of the most famous pieces of his ministry.  Jesus and his companions traveled to many, many places teaching messages of love and compassion.

Jesus loved being around children and sharing insights with them.  The 12 apostles, Jesus’ main companions, often received teachings by living example and his words.

Muhammad received his first revelation from God at 40, through the Angel
Gabriel. He continued to receive revelations for 23 years, on topics ranging
from the Oneness of God and His wondrous handiwork, to stories of earlier
prophets, morality and ethics, and life after death. These revelations became
collectively known as the Quran, and are considered by Muslims to be the literal
word of God; the Prophet’s own words were collected separately. (

When Muhammad first began to teach about Islam he did so privately and publicly in Mecca.

People began to accept Islam, both men and women, in large numbers until the fame of it was spread throughout Mecca, and it began to be talked about. (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah, p. 117).

Mahatma Ghandi inspired the world with his faith in truth and justice for all Mankind. He was a great soul who loved even those who fought against his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence. He has been called the”Father of India”.

His life was a message — a message of peace over power, of finding ways to reconcile our differences, and of living in harmony with respect and love even for our enemy.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” – Gandhi
His Holiness the Dalai Lama gives teachings throughout the year at various times and in different places. His Holiness also gives public talks. In India, teachings and public talks are usually free and open to the public. However, to attend teachings and public talks outside of India one usually is required to purchase a ticket. The proceeds from the ticket sales are used to cover the costs of the venue and other expenses related to His Holiness’s visit.
Wayne Dyer is the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. He has attended Celebrate Your Life 9 times! Teaching crowds of over 1200 people every time!

To left is an image of Dr. Dyer on one of his PBS Specials: “Change Your Thoughts –Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.” .

On an interview with Elevated Existence magazine, Dr. Dyer said: “I think there is a force in the universe that directs everything, and there are no accidents, anywhere. This divine force is what is growing our hair, growing our fingernails, beating our heart, digesting our food, and all of the other incredible mysteries that we look at and take for granted. My showing up on this planet and living for the first 10 years or so of my life in a series of foster homes and orphanages was all perfect. That is how I’ve always looked at it.”

 Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vazant and two of the most powerful teaching women on the planet today.

Oprah’s OWN channel carries incredible teaching programs like: Oprah’s Life Class, Super Soul Sunday, Oprah’s Next Chapter and many others. This year Oprah’s Life Class had a stop in St. Louis, MO with Iyanla and an international audience (On Skype with 6 people around the world and live feeds on Facebook & Twitter), their topic: Stopping the Pain. (

Iyanla Vanzant is the best-selling author of five books on self-empowerment, personal growth and spiritual healing. As the founder and executive director of the Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Network, she conducts workshops, seminars and lectures nationally.  (

Iyanla has a new show, set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network, called “Iyanla, Fix My Life!”.
All of these gifted individuals share a common message of peace and love. Their lives have had bumps just like ours do. Some of them lost their lives for their beliefs and causes.  They all took the time to live what they believed in. They all also took the time to teach others by words AND example.  My goal is to continue to grow myself and TEACH others around the planet on how we are all of ONE common spirit.  Spirit connects us all.

Thanks and Blessings,


Greg Drejza is the e-Marketing and Social Media Director at Mishka Productions, Scottsdale AZ.

Mishks Productions is producer of the fabulous Celebrate Your Life Conference held annually in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ.  In November 2012 (8-12th), Celebrate your Life will hold it’s 10th Anniversary Sacred Pilgrimage in Sedona AZ at the Enchantment Resort, nestled within a powerful vortex in Boynton Canyon.  You should join us:

Celebrate Your Life Has Begun!

Well lots and lots of people are getting here for Celebrate Your Life! I am currently sitting in James Van Praagh’s Pre-Conference: Touching the Unseen World of Spirit.  Everyone was just in the middle of an exercise to sense and clear their partner’s energy.  Watch the the attached video, everyone does a great job! James is an excellent teacher!


More Local Chicago Meetups! Get Involved…

Here are some additional Chicago Area Meetups ( that have been great partners in helping us get the word out about Celebrate Your Life 2012, being held June 8-11 at the Westin Lombard.  A best practice that all great teachers have imparted is: be around like minded people! Here  are 2 tremendous meetups to get involved with.

1. Positive Focus – Living Life Fulfilled Meetup Group

Positive Focus, NFP  – Living Life Fulfilled  promoting positivity one thought and event at a time!

Positive Focus, a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, spreads positivity globally through virtual and physical communities allowing people to see love over fear, abundance over lack, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict.


  • Inspiring and empowering all who seek us out through mind-body-spirit, service-charity, & fun-social events
  • Seeing the world as 1 person 7 billion times rather than seeing the world as 7 billion people.
  • Being kind, compassionate, and having lots of fun and laughter along the journey.
  • Personally demonstrating a quote we hold close to our hearts:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

How: through Service-Charity, Mind-Body-Spirit, and Fun-Social both virtually and physically. For more information, visit:

Why Positive Focus? Do you want to surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you? People who choose to experience life to the fullest? People who live in a space of allowing and love? People that love to have fun and laugh?

That is why Positive Focus. Say a big hello to Carol Miller!

Meetup Site:




2. Chicago Weekly Sitting Meditation Group

The purpose of this group is, as the Buddha said, to seek out “wise & beneficial friends” who support us and our Meditation practice. Namely we are looking for a group of beginning & advanced students, and anyone interested who is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming to (and becoming a regular part of) a weekly sitting meditation group. All teachers agree: The key to a successful meditation practice is a regular practice; and therefore this group is looking for people who realize the benefits of meditating together and who want to make a dedicated effort to sustain a once-weekly meetup for sitting meditation (with instruction, as needed). Brief discussion & mingling follows. This group is open to all schools of thought and meditation formats, and also for anyone willing to co-organize or suggest events. The development of Wisdom through regular meditation practice can lead to a decrease of “suffering” as well as an increase in Inner Peace and Compassion for oneself & others. Please join us, you are most welcome.

Awesome Local Chicago Meetups! Join them!

As I been sharing information on Celebrate Your Life Chicago 2012,  I have contacted several Chicago Area meetups to ask their help in getting the word out.  These folks have been completely FANTASTIC and sharing of their time! If you live in the Chicago area please contact them.  We are never to old to learn and grow!

1. The Gathering Light, Mediums, Psychics, Light Workers Meetup Group

This is your Meetup!! Mediums, Psychics, Light Workers and Seekers of The Light!!

We are an open “COMMUNITY of LIGHTWORKERS” who choose to share our Gifts, Knowledge and Light in a Joyful way with others. Practitioners, teachers, and seekers are all welcome.

What others are saying about “The Gathering Light”

“I love coming to the Gathering, I just feel so welcome.”
“I finally feel at Home!”
“At first I felt in awe of all the talent, now I feel so comfortable, like I belong too.”
“I always wanted to learn more about what I was experiencing, and here I can without judgement.”
“It is great to support others who are just beginning their journey on the path of light.”

2. Angel Center Psychic Development/Spiritual Awareness Group

…About our Group and Meetups

Psychic energy is the key to unlocking joy, abundance and universal understanding. The purpose of our group is to give everyone from the highest level psychic to the person exploring psychic energy for the first time a fun experience of psychic energy. We teach a wide array of classes like Intuition Development, Tarot Card Reading, Mayan Astrology, Couples workshops and much more. Also, through our various partnerships with Native Indians and The Drepung Gomang Monks from Tibet ,we have Sweat Lodges, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Home Blessings, Sand Mandalas, Peace Pipe Ceremonies and the list goes on.

3. The Spiritual Connection

A meetup portal for Chicagoland Drumming Circles, Dances, Kirtans, Meditations, workshops, and Spiritual Gatherings.

We’re about: Alternative Health · Metaphysics and Spirituality · Energy Healers


Stay Connected to Love….

Liz Dawn Donahue

There is no doubt that many of us are feeling the effects of change as we enter 2012.  It ‘s almost as if we are on a roller coaster and we are hanging on tightly as we shift through the turbulent motion of going uphill and then moving at the speed of light as we descend.  It is most definitely an interesting time on our planet.

I remember my beautiful mother Ariel, who doubled in my life as one of my greatest spiritual teachers, sharing with me that there would be time of intense stress that would bring up people’s fears.  She further shared that this would be the moment when we would need to be extremely practiced at being able to stay connected to who we truly are, which is simply love.  My mother would continuously share with me that part of our mission on the planet is to completely identify with love not fear, to choose embracing an open heart and not ego.

Liz & Ariel (Mom)

I understand all too well that this is easier said than done.  My mother understood that as well.  Perhaps that is why in 1995 we created our family business, Mishka Productions.  Ariel was a firm believer in spiritual education and wanted to do something to help shift and uplift the consciousness of the planet.  She and I embarked on developing workshops and conferences with teachers who embraced like-minded concepts.

For many years, we created one event a month and then in 2002, she and I created an event that to this day brings people from all over the world to participate.  We decided to bring together over 20 of the country’s top bestselling authors and most sought after spiritual teachers to present workshops and keynote lectures for an entire four days.  When we started the event we had no idea the magnificence in what we were creating. My mother appropriately named this event, “Celebrate Your Life!”

Although my beautiful mother transitioned in 2009, I have continued to move forward with our mission.  We have continued presenting the Celebrate Your Life conference in Arizona and Chicago.  The 6th annual Celebrate Your Life Chicago will be on June 8-10, 2012.  This is quite an accomplishment for two Jewish girls who got started with a phone line in her dining room.

There are moments when organizing an event of this magnitude can be tiring, however what keeps me going are all the life-changing and inspiring comments we receive from attendees.  Here is something from a conference attendee:

“Celebrate Your Life is my gift to myself.  I consider this conference “food for the soul”.  It renews my spirit, and I end it every year feeling euphoric.” – Janice Z.

Our next conference in June takes place in Chicago and features bestselling authors, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz, James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Waslch, Caroline Myss, Michael Beckwith, James Redfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard and so many more powerful life-changing presenters.

For more information call Mishka Productions at:  877-300-7352 or log onto: www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG

Cool Bumber Stickers – COEXIST – We Are All One!

I happened to be going to my favorite restaurant last week, and as I parallel  parked my car, right in front of me was a vehicle with an “COEXIST” sticker on the back!  I don’t know if you have ever seen one but, they symbols no matter what faith or belief system we have, we COEXIST, we are all one. Here’s what one looks like:

COEXIST - With letter Definitions

I really like this bumper sticker and what it stands for; we all need to come to the realization we are all together in this world and COEXISTence is the complete solution to all our worldly troubles! 

COEXIST on a bumper

I really like the imagination that someone had to create these! I stopped to think about my immediate moment, that is, about the person who owned the car in front of me. Who is the person who owns this car?  What did they look like?  Which of the symbols on the sticker was their belief system? Did they have more than one?  What nationality we they?  We they White, Hispanic, Black, Oriental, old, young? Did they look like a Cowboy, Flower Child, Athlete, Mom ?

I was very curious so, I started to look around at all the people sitting outside on the terrace, trying to tune my intuitive senses in to lock in on the person sending me this COEXIST vibration.

I decided to go onto the internet to see other variations of this sticker. Here’s what I found:


Another I found was the next one, (probably not a bumber sticker though)…. and it really made me think and fearful. I decided to add it it anyway because we ARE all one, and if change has to start with one person….it may as well be ME! 

Tell me what you think!

I you want to see and hear more from people who truly believe WE ARE ALL ONE and live it, join us at “Celebrate Your Life” Chicago 2012. It is a conference of loving, peace giving, COEXIST believing people who will be sharing words, hugs, experiences to help each other grow consciously and spiritually! or call 877-300-7352 for more info!

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