Enough Technology!

It has been proven time and time again that we humans need to touch each other.  In order to thrive, we need to hug and connect with others.Barryhug

My Mom, Ariel, worked as the Director of a Summer Camp when my sister and I were kids and every summer we would go to camp and have the experience of a lifetime.

Camp was always so wildly joyful and to this day my sister, Jaime, and I are connected to our camp friends. 

When creating Celebrate Your Life, Ariel and I made a conscious decision to immerse you in that beautiful, wildly joyful energy of being at Summer Camp.

You are free to express your authentic and truest self in whatever way resonates with you and connect with like minded spiritual playmates!

There is absolutely nothing that can replace that live experience of being in community with like minded people.   The party begins the moment you step into the door. That’s when the moment begins and your heart starts to awaken, open and expand.  We have seen this happen with our attendees year after year.

All the online courses are great, but let’s stop hiding behind our computers, cell phones and other devices and dare to put all this aside and experience human contact!  It’s essential for our well being.  It’s essential for our souls. 

Human connection is the new wave of the future. 

Come be with us at

Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and YOU decide which experience you prefer.

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Why Communicate with the Spirit World?

I have been privy to sit in with some of the world’s greatest spiritual mediums.  Everyone from James Van Praagh, John Edward, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, John Holland and many more. Many people have asked me and even criticized, what the purpose is of having someone communicate with the spirit world?  I will tell you why.

Having seen thousands of spirit communication readings I have realized the great healing that occurs when a person, a mother, father, sister, _SKP8154husband, wife or whatever the relationship is to the deceased, have the most profound eye opening “aha” moment when one of these great spiritual mediums gives them a message from their loved one on the other side.  But it’s not just any message, it is information that only they know and absolutely no possibility for the medium to know.  The tears of joy, relief and comfort when a mother hears that her child who she lost is “okay, and with grandma” is profoundly healing.

I have heard James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell give such details to people about their loved ones in spirit, even after all these years, I am still amazed and in awe.  This work is so important to help people heal their grief on a deeper level that they could not obtain through traditional grief counseling.  I’m not saying that counseling is not valuable, but this work  takes the person to a place of allowing them to begin to have conversations of their own with their loved one and possibly being able to hear messages back from them.

James and Tony are quite a powerful team when they come together and teach a workshop.  Tony Stockwell is one of the most renowned spiritual mediums in the U.K. During a reading I heard him tell someone the exact time on the clock when their loved one passed and what they were wearing.  The energy of James and Tony working together helps for messages to come through more clearly.

In a rare appearance in the United States, James and Tony will present two extraordinary programs in Phoenix, Arizona. People from all over the world are flying in to attend the 5 Day Intensive on May 5 – 9.  There is VERY limited seating for this event!  To register and learn more visit:  www.CelebrateYourLife.Org


Getting Ready!

Things are buzzing at Mishka Productions headquarters!  Although it is over 100 degrees outside of our Scottsdale, Arizona office, inside we keep it very cool to keep our minds and bodies awake as we prepare for the upcoming Celebrate Your Life Sedona retreat.

This year’s event begins on Halloween!  What a perrrrfect way to start the event in the powerful and mystical energy of Sedona on Halloween. gorgeous-sedona-arizona-sunset  Who knows what magical things will happen??  With all the amazing energies of the spiritual teachers along with Halloween and Sedona…WOW!!

Featured at this year’s retreat includes bestselling authors:  Doreen Virtue,  Neale Donald Walsch,  Denise Linn,  Michael & Rickie Beckwith,  Panache Desai,  Sonia Choquette,  Sunny Dawn Johnston,  Shayne Traviss,  plus musicians Kris Voelker and Barry Goldstein.  In addition to all these powerful luminaries, we will begin the event with a sacred Native American Ceremony led by Uqualla, a medicine man from the Havasupai Tribe.

In addition to all the life changing workshops, inspired by Doreen Virtue, we will take time for some fun and have a Halloween Costume Dinner and Dance Party on Saturday night of the event.  Doreen shared some insights about the Halloween Party,

“With stress swirling around you, you NEED a fun outlet to keep yourself centered. You can dress as your Earth Angels Realm (angel, fairy, leprechaun, wizard, wise one, star person, mermaid, etc), or use your imagination to express yourself and dress up in a way that expresses your inner light and spiritual path. Celebrate your soul and inner child!”

The Celebrate Your Life Sedona Retreat will be a time for you to become introspective, discover new ideas, have many “aha” moments, meet like minded new friends, get up close and personal with your favorite authors and most of all, have fun!  Come join us on October 31 – November 4
Register NOW as seating is limited!  www.CelebrateYourLifeSedona.ORG


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