More Local Chicago Meetups! Get Involved…

Here are some additional Chicago Area Meetups ( that have been great partners in helping us get the word out about Celebrate Your Life 2012, being held June 8-11 at the Westin Lombard.  A best practice that all great teachers have imparted is: be around like minded people! Here  are 2 tremendous meetups to get involved with.

1. Positive Focus – Living Life Fulfilled Meetup Group

Positive Focus, NFP  – Living Life Fulfilled  promoting positivity one thought and event at a time!

Positive Focus, a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, spreads positivity globally through virtual and physical communities allowing people to see love over fear, abundance over lack, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict.


  • Inspiring and empowering all who seek us out through mind-body-spirit, service-charity, & fun-social events
  • Seeing the world as 1 person 7 billion times rather than seeing the world as 7 billion people.
  • Being kind, compassionate, and having lots of fun and laughter along the journey.
  • Personally demonstrating a quote we hold close to our hearts:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

How: through Service-Charity, Mind-Body-Spirit, and Fun-Social both virtually and physically. For more information, visit:

Why Positive Focus? Do you want to surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you? People who choose to experience life to the fullest? People who live in a space of allowing and love? People that love to have fun and laugh?

That is why Positive Focus. Say a big hello to Carol Miller!

Meetup Site:




2. Chicago Weekly Sitting Meditation Group

The purpose of this group is, as the Buddha said, to seek out “wise & beneficial friends” who support us and our Meditation practice. Namely we are looking for a group of beginning & advanced students, and anyone interested who is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming to (and becoming a regular part of) a weekly sitting meditation group. All teachers agree: The key to a successful meditation practice is a regular practice; and therefore this group is looking for people who realize the benefits of meditating together and who want to make a dedicated effort to sustain a once-weekly meetup for sitting meditation (with instruction, as needed). Brief discussion & mingling follows. This group is open to all schools of thought and meditation formats, and also for anyone willing to co-organize or suggest events. The development of Wisdom through regular meditation practice can lead to a decrease of “suffering” as well as an increase in Inner Peace and Compassion for oneself & others. Please join us, you are most welcome.


Awesome Local Chicago Meetups! Join them!

As I been sharing information on Celebrate Your Life Chicago 2012,  I have contacted several Chicago Area meetups to ask their help in getting the word out.  These folks have been completely FANTASTIC and sharing of their time! If you live in the Chicago area please contact them.  We are never to old to learn and grow!

1. The Gathering Light, Mediums, Psychics, Light Workers Meetup Group

This is your Meetup!! Mediums, Psychics, Light Workers and Seekers of The Light!!

We are an open “COMMUNITY of LIGHTWORKERS” who choose to share our Gifts, Knowledge and Light in a Joyful way with others. Practitioners, teachers, and seekers are all welcome.

What others are saying about “The Gathering Light”

“I love coming to the Gathering, I just feel so welcome.”
“I finally feel at Home!”
“At first I felt in awe of all the talent, now I feel so comfortable, like I belong too.”
“I always wanted to learn more about what I was experiencing, and here I can without judgement.”
“It is great to support others who are just beginning their journey on the path of light.”

2. Angel Center Psychic Development/Spiritual Awareness Group

…About our Group and Meetups

Psychic energy is the key to unlocking joy, abundance and universal understanding. The purpose of our group is to give everyone from the highest level psychic to the person exploring psychic energy for the first time a fun experience of psychic energy. We teach a wide array of classes like Intuition Development, Tarot Card Reading, Mayan Astrology, Couples workshops and much more. Also, through our various partnerships with Native Indians and The Drepung Gomang Monks from Tibet ,we have Sweat Lodges, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Home Blessings, Sand Mandalas, Peace Pipe Ceremonies and the list goes on.

3. The Spiritual Connection

A meetup portal for Chicagoland Drumming Circles, Dances, Kirtans, Meditations, workshops, and Spiritual Gatherings.

We’re about: Alternative Health · Metaphysics and Spirituality · Energy Healers


In a Past Life – Who Were You?

Is there something hidden in your past that will unlock the secrets to your life?? 

Denise Linn

At this year’s Celebrate Your Life conference, bestselling author and past life regression therapist, Denise Linn will help you to discover who you were in a past life. This is going to be an amazing workshop as Denise takes you to places that you never imagined existed!  Who were you in another time and place?  What lessons can that past life help you with?  You must attend Denise’s workshops to find out these answers for yourself!!  It’s an exciting adventure that is not to be missed!  Celebrate Your Life with Denise Linn and many others in Chicago in June!  To join Denise click on the following link:  www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG



Yes you read that correctly! Barbara Carrellas is just one of the fabulous presenters at this year’s Celebrate Your Life conference and she talks all about SEX!!

Barbara is an author, sex educator, university lecturer, workshop facilitator, sex/life coach, motivational speaker and theater artist. Her books include, Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide  Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century and Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure.

Barbara founded her company Urban Tantra® as a way of bringing people together to explore the vast range of sexual, spiritual and emotional possibilities open to all of us. Barbara states… “When our erotic energy is aligned with our spiritual purpose, it releases our creativity and manifests in prosperity and happiness in all areas of life, including fulfilling relationships with other people”.

Barbara will teach two fun filled workshops at Celebrate Your Life in June in Chicago.  Prepare yourself for a wild and wonderful time!  To learn more visit:  www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG

Part 2 of 2 – Celebrate Your Life Pre-Conference Schedule – Chicago 2012

Last Thursday I published part 1, of our Pre-Conference Lineup for Celebrate Your Life – Chicago.  The conference  is June 8-11 at the Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL. We have over 30 Authors & Speakers at the Main Conference.

Our Pre-Conference Workshops are scheduled on Friday June 8th from 9am-4pm. The Speakers/Authors scheduled are: Denise Linn, James Van Praagh, Neal Donald Walsch, Alan Cohen and Dr. Darren Weissman. This week I’ll show you: Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Cohen

To be a part of Celebrate Your Life – Chicago 2012 click: REGISTER NOW 

Here’s a little taste of what Neale Donald Walsch and Alan Cohen are sharing:

Neale Donald Walsch – Shifting from Fear to Excitement about the Times Ahead

Everywhere we turn these days we hear talk of the coming difficult times ahead. So much so that some people are actually beginning to hoard foodstuffs, gather survival tools, and develop plans for living through the days leading to end of 2012 and beyond. But what if the complete dismantling of all our global systems was not necessary for our species to achieve what it is now clearly seeking to accomplish—the complete recreation of itself? What if there is another way?

In an extraordinarily timely workshop, Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch invites participants to answer seven simple questions that could inspire a new level of spiritual awareness and launch a new kind of spiritual practice in all our lives—at a level that could fundamentally alter the times ahead and create an important shift in your own life. Neale will invite participants to give their clearest, highest answer to these Seven Simple Questions—and then to step into the living of their answers as soon as they leave the room.

The day concludes with the proposing of an incredibly powerful course of action that could be easily taken by everyone in the room to help immediately change our collective future.

Says Neale: “It is time to shift the ongoing discussion from how we can survive to how we can evolve.” This remarkable exploration emerges from the pages of Neale’s latest book, The Storm Before the Calm, released October 1, 2011.

Alan Cohen – The Power of Authentic Living

When you live from your true self, you attract great relationships, abundant finance, a passionate career, and inner peace. In this masterfully-crafted full-day program, Alan Cohen guides you to tap into spiritual confidence and make it work for you in daily life. If you are ready to step beyond the limits you have learned and proceed from your inherent greatness, this day can significantly accelerate your journey to the life your heart desires.

– Principles, real-life illustrations, and lots of opportunity for question & answers.
– Interactive exercises to align your life with your intentions.
– Learn ways to release undesirable situations and relationships and replace them with ones that work.
– Alan works one-to-one with some audience members who would like.
– Guided visualization to activate your preferred path.

Chicago 2012 – Celebrate Your Life Pre-Conference Schedule – Part 1 of 2

Celebrate Your Life – Chicago is June 8-11 at the Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL.  We have the most fantastic and inspiring lineup of Speakers and Authors in the Spiritual, Self-Help, and Personal Growth industry!

Our Pre-Conference Workshops are scheduled on Friday June 8th from 9am-4pm. The Speakers/Authors scheduled are: Denise Linn, James Van Praagh, Neal Donald Walsch, Alan Cohen and Dr. Darren Weissman.

To be a part of Celebrate Your Life – Chicago 2012 click: REGISTER NOW 

Here’s a brief overview of what 3 of our Authors are presenting:

Denise Linn- Past Lives – Present Miracles

Are you ready to experience a past life?   

Accelerating your Spiritual Growth: Clearing Past Life Karma and Cellular Memory

If you are ready to accelerate your spiritual growth (and make a difference in the lives of many) this seminar will give you the tools. Sometimes there are inner barriers that limit your ability to step into your soul’s potential. Some of these obstacles come from mistaken ideas about who you are and what you deserve in life. (And often these beliefs originated in a past life or through your ancestral lineage.) Denise will lead you through past life regression and processes to clear these blockages.

Prosperity struggles in your present life might mean misuse of finances in a past life. Being overweight in your present life might mean starving to death in a past incarnation. In this workshop, you’ll experience deep healing and rejuvenation by regressing back into your past lives and releasing deeply rooted blockages at their source. When you clear your past lives and your bloodline, miracles abound! In this deeply empowering, experiential seminar:

  • experience (and heal) the past lives most influencing you today
  • release karma that you received from your parents and ancestral family
  • meet your master guide
  • begin to comprehend your true destiny and purpose
  • learn about the choices that you made before you were born
  • discover your soul agreements
  • clear cellular memories
  • activate talents and abilities that you once possessed in a past lives.

In a safe and comforting environment, people have gotten remarkable results from Denise’s regression, even if they didn’t believe in past lives!

Bonus: Clear the Bloodline:  Many times the challenges that we have in our current life can be traced back to negative ancestral patterns. You will have the opportunity to clear out the past and thus positively impact your present, your future and the future of your biological and spiritual descendants.

James Van Praagh – Touching the Unseen World of Spirit

Each one of us has the ability to reach beyond what is seen, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted. Renowned medium James Van Praagh teaches us how to move past our five predominant senses to become aware of the unseen world, leading us on a journey to the true nature of our spiritual self.

A person walking on the earth has a different perspective than a person riding in an airplane. The same can be said for the perceptions of our body, mind, and spirit. Through an array of intuitive and meditative exercises designed to heal the body-mind-spirit connection, we gain a fresh view of our life, replacing judgments and criticisms with understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. We also deepen our spiritual sense perception, learning how to understand our ability to “know” and give detailed intuitive readings.

Throughout the workshop, Van Praagh also demonstrates how to touch the unseen world by bringing messages from the spirit world to loved ones in the audience.

A pioneer in the mediumship movement, James Van Praagh is one of the world’s most renowned and respected spiritual mediums working today. He has served as co-executive producer of the CBS-TV hit drama, Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, and is author of several New York Times best sellers, including Unfinished Business, Ghosts Among Us, Talking to Heaven, and Healing Grief.

Dr. Darren Weissman – Living in the NOW

Exactly where you are is the starting point for living in the Now. For some it’s a health challenge, diagnosis, or traumatic accident that awakens them to the journey of reclaiming one’s path or purpose. For others it’s a betrayal, loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. Regardless of what road you’re currently traveling, The NOW Workshop is here to center you and provide the tools so that you can not only face life’s stressors, but grow more powerful as a result. This workshop is designed to awaken your mind to a deeper sense of learning, healing, and growing. Living in one’s power is crucial for both individuals and the collective consciousness of humanity. As our planet, and every living being upon it, faces greater and greater challenges more people are searching for answers, meaning, and purpose in life.


From Dr. Weissman – I am delighted to have this time with you. Our conscious choice to be fully present in The NOW is a wonderful stepping stone to creating a world of peace, power, and passion and will forever change who we are. May our journey be filled with miracles, joy, and of course Infinite Love & Gratitude!

Cool Bumber Stickers – COEXIST – We Are All One!

I happened to be going to my favorite restaurant last week, and as I parallel  parked my car, right in front of me was a vehicle with an “COEXIST” sticker on the back!  I don’t know if you have ever seen one but, they symbols no matter what faith or belief system we have, we COEXIST, we are all one. Here’s what one looks like:

COEXIST - With letter Definitions

I really like this bumper sticker and what it stands for; we all need to come to the realization we are all together in this world and COEXISTence is the complete solution to all our worldly troubles! 

COEXIST on a bumper

I really like the imagination that someone had to create these! I stopped to think about my immediate moment, that is, about the person who owned the car in front of me. Who is the person who owns this car?  What did they look like?  Which of the symbols on the sticker was their belief system? Did they have more than one?  What nationality we they?  We they White, Hispanic, Black, Oriental, old, young? Did they look like a Cowboy, Flower Child, Athlete, Mom ?

I was very curious so, I started to look around at all the people sitting outside on the terrace, trying to tune my intuitive senses in to lock in on the person sending me this COEXIST vibration.

I decided to go onto the internet to see other variations of this sticker. Here’s what I found:


Another I found was the next one, (probably not a bumber sticker though)…. and it really made me think and fearful. I decided to add it it anyway because we ARE all one, and if change has to start with one person….it may as well be ME! 

Tell me what you think!

I you want to see and hear more from people who truly believe WE ARE ALL ONE and live it, join us at “Celebrate Your Life” Chicago 2012. It is a conference of loving, peace giving, COEXIST believing people who will be sharing words, hugs, experiences to help each other grow consciously and spiritually! or call 877-300-7352 for more info!

Welcome to Celebrate Your Life!

Get Ready to Live the Life You Deserve!
People travel from all over the world to Chicago to attend Celebrate Your Life – designed to offer you ways to create your best, most fulfilling, meaningful and joyous life from all aspects of your being.
In four inspring days (June 8-11, 2012), you will attend life-changing workshops and keynote lectures with over 30 of the country’s top spiritual, personal growth and metaphysical teachers in the world! To get more information about us please got to our Celebrate Your Life website. Your can also email us at Register before March 12th to get books and audio dowloads from Six of our Guest Speakers.
Some of the Speakers scheduled to appear: Marianne Williamson, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, James Van Praagh, Don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Carrellas, Caroline Myss, James Redfield, Alberto Villodo, Dr. Darren Weissman, Lama Surya Das, Alan Cohen, Panache Desai, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Denise Linn, Sarah McLean, John Holland, Liz Dawn, Dr. Jeff Donahue, and others. See our website for the complete Speaker list and their scehduled topics.
This is our initial blog post to get started.  I hope our journey together will be one of mutual bliss, connectedness, and harmony!   Namaste!
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