Manifesting Positive Results with Affirmations

There are so many book, videos, and internet resources on manifesting your desires. Some examples include the movie/book – The Secret, Neville Goddard‘s book – The Power of Awareness, Wayne Dyer – Manifest Your Destiny, Gregg Braden – The Isaiah Effect and many, many, many others.   I have heard, read and seen various steps to follow to get results from taking any of of my ideas and turn it into a physical reality.

Recently I came across this video from Laura Silva (The Silva Method).  This video explains the process succinctly. Imagine it, Create the feeling, Be grateful before and after it arrives.  I have to practice these steps daily.  I had to practice learning to ride a bike, ice skating, speaking Spanish, playing the guitar, etc, etc.  Now to create ANYTHING I desire I practice this.  Enjoy the video and please feel free to leave comments.

Bless Your Heart,


Greg Drejza is the e-Marketing and Social Media Director at Mishka Productions, Scottsdale AZ.

Mishka Productions is producer of the fabulous Celebrate Your Life Conference held annually in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ.  In November 2012 (8-12th), Celebrate your Life will hold it’s 10th Anniversary Sacred Pilgrimage in Sedona AZ at the Enchantment Resort, nestled within a powerful vortex in Boynton Canyon.  You should join us:

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